How Can I Help Protect the Environment?

In today’s highly industrial, consumer-driven world, the environment is being threatened on all sides. Soil, air, and water pollution can be found across the globe. There are concentrations of plastic trash the size of continents that are covering large portions of the Earth’s oceans. The largest single structure ever made is a gigantic landfill. The protective ozone layer is being depleted. Greenhouse gases fill the atmosphere. It is time for all people of conscience to stand up and take action. How can you help protect the environment? Just read on to find out.

Do Your Part at Home

Environmental protection starts at home. You should be taking all of your plastic, paper, and glass trash to your local recycling center, or putting it out for pickup if your neighborhood has a pickup program. Install water-saver faucet attachments. Use only household cleaners that are made out of natural products, to prevent dangerous chemicals from getting into the soil and water.

Volunteer for Your Local Cleanup Efforts

Even if you don’t have a lot of time or money, you can make a big difference by cleaning up your community. Volunteer for local highway, city, and beach cleanup programs. Even if you can only do a weekend here and there, you can still make a big difference.

Start a Recycling Program

If your neighborhood does not have a recycling program, you can try to start one yourself. Go to your city or town council meetings and talk about the need for recycling. Volunteer to get the program going. You are sure to meet other locals who care enough to help the effort.

Help Your Workplace Go Green

If your workplace does not have a recycling program, then talk to the company owner or your manager about the benefits of starting one. You can also show them how they can save money as well as the environment by switching to energy efficient bulbs and water-saver faucet attachments if they don’t already use them.

Write to Your Representatives

All levels of government get their power from people who vote. Contact every one of your elected representatives you can: town council members, the mayor, your congressional representatives, and your state’s governor. Tell them you want them to do whatever they can to protect the environment and that you will be voting for the greenest candidate.

In Conclusion

You can do a lot to protect the environment with just a little time and effort. The small steps that everyone takes together can amount to a great effect.